English rock duo Nova Twins have joined Loudwire's Gear Factor to perform their favorite guitar and bass riffs. Watch the girls take you through what inspired them as young artists and how they achieve their experimental sound.

Bassist Georgia South was inspired by N.E.R.D. to pick up a bass. It was the riff from “Anti Matter” that sealed the deal for South, planting a seed for the unique playing style she’d develop as a Nova Twin.

Though the Nova Twins’ music can sound heavily electronic, the duo don’t use synthesizers. All of their wild effects are generated through pedals and their instruments, plus a special "Hot Hand" midi controller ring Georgia wears on her finger to modulate her riffing on the track “Toolbox.”

While stomping across her pedalboard, guitarist Amy Love shows how to play riffs from songs such as “Taxi,” “Antagonist” and “Cleopatra,” while South demonstrates “K.M.B.,” “Vortex” and more.

Watch the Nova Twins episode of Gear Factor in the video below. Nova Twins’ sophomore effort, Supernova, is now available. To grab a copy, click here. You can also catch them on tour in the U.S. starting Sept. 27 — get tickets on their website.

Nova Twins Play Their Favorite Riffs

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