It's time for our most hotly debated list of the year. Check out these 10 up-and-coming acts and hopefully you'll find at least one new favorite!

In the metal world, few rising bands have captured more attention than Bloodywood. Hailing from India, the band blends traditional Indian music with nu-metal and modern metallic hardcore, but most importantly, Bloodywood brings the fun back to heavy music. A few years removed from their breakout “Machi Bhasad,” new Bloodywood tracks like “Aaj,” “Dana Dan” and “Gaddaar” prove there’s no stopping this new force from the east.

The rock world is being taken over by powerful women. The Warning — a band of three sisters formed in Mexico — have been releasing hit after hit this past year. Racking up streams in them multi-millions, the Warning have brought a new life to anthemic rock.

Same can be said for Nova Twins — the British rock duo slowly taking over the U.K. Having previously featured on Bring Me the Horizon’s latest album, Nova Twins continue carving out their own legacy, mixing futuristic rock with hip-hop and limitless energy.

Check out these 10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2022 in the Loud List below.

Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2022

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