Nothing More is a great band from San Antonio, TX, and they've been through here a few times over the last year or so, and they even played paintball with some GRD winners last summer! Today, they had to announce that Paul, the drummer, was leaving the band for personal reasons, and they are sad to see him go.

Paul explains his decision to leave the band as a personal one, and that the road isn't for everyone.

"Being on the road isn’t for everyone, and I’ve learned through a very real experience of playing live for hundreds of thousands of people that I am one of those individuals. Being in the spotlight so much triggered some major anxiety issues that were buried deep down inside of me, and it’s just too much of a mental struggle to carry on. Depression is very real. On the road it can feel like there’s just no escape. This is something that I’ve carried around for a long time. And it’s gotten to the point where I have to make a move to do what’s best for myself and my future."

via Nothing More's Facebook page

The band has found a replacement for Paul to finish out the 2015 touring, and they'd like to introduce you to Ben Anderson, who will fill in for the remaining shows. No word if Ben will be a long-term replacement, but since Jonny was the band's original drummer, they don't really have to rush that decision to record a new album.

We wish Paul nothing the best, and hope he gets better, and we wish Nothing More much more success as they continue to kick the world's ass!