Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a story where a cop traded some farm equipment that turned out to be stolen. Sort of. One Guy had left it to be repaired but didn't want to pay for repairs, so Guy Two traded it to Guy Three, who repaired it and tried to sell it...when he was caught by Guy One.


Guy One took his equipment to Guy Two (the cop), who quoted Guy One for the repairs. Guy One said, "F-that! I'm not paying that much!" But then never came and took his equipment back.

After a year, Guy Two traded the equipment to Guy Three, who was super excited for the stuff. Guy Three spent $7,000 repairing it, and then put it up for sale.

That's when Guy One called and said he'd like to look at it. Guy Three said sure, and then police showed up instead. They claimed Guy Three had stolen Guy One's thing, but Guy Three told them about Guy Two.

Guy Three seems to be screwed out of his $7,000, Guy One has a newly repaired thing, and Guy One is being told to "tell the story right", instead of owning up to the bad thing.

Did Guy One just wait until he found his thing repaired to get some free repair service for his thing? Or is he innocent?

Guy Two seems to be the bad guy, but there doesn't seem to be anyone willing to say that, or charge him with bad thing. Do I even know what they hell I'm talking about anymore?

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