Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a couple of stories. The first is about a Holland business that is being forced out for making too much the airport. Then, a stupid man is being charges for making death and terrorist threats against a call center that didn't give him a job.

Skydive Holland has been open for a long time, but now Park Township is forcing them out, because the people who live near the business...and the airport where it's located...are unhappy about the noise. At the airport. Where planes take off and land every day. That they knew was there. An airport.

So the business is relocating to Grand Haven, and screw you, Park Township.

Then, a really dumb guy, David Robert Seastrom, failed to get a job at Teleperformance. Which happens. But then he took it a bit far, and threated to kill people there "just like they did in Vegas".

Not cool, dude. Not cool. So, naturally, he's being charged with "making a false report or threat of terrorism". Throw the book at the idiot.

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