If you want to save a spot at the Tulip Time Muziekparade, plan to wake up early on May 13.

Previously, the public was allowed to save spots the night before with blankets or other items, starting at 9p.m., but that rule has changed.

The Holland Sentinel reports that the Holland City Council voted Wednesday April 19 to not allow items to be placed in public right aways the night before the Muziekparade.

Under the new ruling, the public can begin claiming spots after 6a.m. the day of the parade.

Tulip Time approached the city about the time change, citing safety and aesthetic concerns.

Tulip Time Executive Director Gwen Auwerda said,

“If I have medical claims on my insurance it is due to people falling or tripping. There’s a cost to us for that as well, as people leave not feeling great because they ended up injured.”

Claiming a spot for the other parades, the Volksparade and Kinderparade, remains the same, 6 a.m. the day of the parade. All items must be  removed one hour after the parade.

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