Like we all expected there will be no fans in the stands for the Detroit Lions, at least for the first couple games.

With the Big Ten out of the college football picture for the fall, and no preseason NFL games, all that we football fans in Michigan have left is the NFL and the Detroit Lions.

Hopefully the NFL has great plans in place to keep players and coaches free of COVID-19. As we've seen with MLB, their plan was not as strong for some teams. Both the NHL and NBA using the bubble for their teams seems to be the best model for professional sports so far. One thing they all have in common though, is no fans in the stands.

It's been a few years since I've been to Ford Field in Detroit for a Lions game, but every time I go, it is always a great time. Ford Field is a great stadium, easy to get to from the freeway but for the first two months of the season, there will be no reason to be at or near the stadium.

According to WOOD, the Lions may allow spectators to be at the stadium for their game against the Indianapolis Colts, November 1, at Ford Field. There is no word yet on how many fans will be allowed to attend but my guess is, it won't be a full stadium and that is not because fans don't want to be there but for social distancing purposes.

I just hope the NFL and each team have solid plans in place to keep their players and coaches safe so the season can go on as planned without any interruptions.

I like all sports but the only one I am really loyal to is the NFL. I just love football and love watching it on TV. Yes I am a die hard Lions fan, but I will watch any game on TV or listen to it on the radio.

So I'm not as upset about not going to Ford Field as some fans might be, but it's sad for the team not to have that roar of Lions fans rooting the home team on.

The lions first game will be at home September 13 when the take on division rivals the Chicago Bears.


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