Well, we're sorry to report that that story is, in fact, "fake news", so if you see your friends share it, you might want to let them know.

When we first saw the story, we figured it was too good to be true, and we were right. The Detroit Police Department addressed the story on their Facebook page Tuesday, saying "Although we've found this to be very amusing, this is completely untrue. Thank you for the laugh."

If you haven't read the original story from World News Daily Report, it goes a little something like this - Janice Smith, a former circus trainer, trained some squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend James Robinson. The story says that as a result of multiple attacks, Robinson lost two fingers and a testicle. Of course, he wasn't surprised that his ex could pull off such a feat since she, "used to train lions for a circus".

"Fake news" really is out there, folks. Though usually, it's stuff like this that's being reported and not the things that don't align with whatever your political leaning may be.

Side note: we'd like to know who the woman is in the mugshot they're using and what exactly it is that she did to end up in jail.

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