If you have never done it, fishing at night for bass on these hot summer days can be amazing.

A lot of the lakes in the region are play lakes during the day and what I mean by that is, ski boats, jet ski's, boats pulling tubes etc. So sometimes its real hard to fish during the day.

Something my dad taught me when I was a kid, he said, "son, the big ones come out at night."

My dad was right. I caught my first 5.5 lb bass at night with my fishing buddy. We actually caught several nice fish that night.

You have to find a good lake that doesn't have a lot of weeds where you can drag surface plugs over shallow to water at the edge of the drop off.

Jitterbugs and hula poppers have been what I have used since I was a kid. Since there are no speed boats out stirring up the water, some of the bigger fish make their way into the shallows to feed on smaller fish.

It helps to know the lake where you are fishing during the day in order to help out when your casting at night.

Fish along the edges and near boats and boat docks. Across beaches is another great spot.

You just throw your line out, real it in slow if you are using a jitterbug or pop it along if using a hula popper and wait to hear a splash. One thing great about night fishing, when you hear that splash you never know what its gonna be or how big until you set that hook. Then its game on.

In my day I have caught several bass over 6 lbs but I have never caught one that big or bigger during that day but that is me, there are plenty of fisherman who know how to slam some big bass day or night.

I like the night fishing because its peaceful, you usually have the lake to yourself and I love the sound of the splash the bass makes when it hits your lure.

You can fish at the edge of dark and go all night until sun up if you like. As long as the conditions are right, you are probably in for a great time on the water and you just may catch the bass of a lifetime.

My son and I will be giving it a try and I know the little guy is going to be in for a real treat.

Rainbows After the Storm - June 11, 2020

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