Can you imagine being declared dead and all your assets get frozen but you are actually still alive?

According to FOX 17, a Newyago County, Michigan, man by the name of Dan Bergman says he's not received his Social Security check and can't use his bank or credit cards because he found out he has been declared dead.

Bergman went to the Social Security office and a representative at the office says we show you are deceased and there is only one of four ways that could have happened.

One possibility is a funeral home has mistyped someone's Social Security number and turned it in. Bergman is still unclear on how he was declared dead.

Bergman currently cannot pay his bills or purchase the bare necessities and has even went to his bank to show them he is still alive.

Since this story broke, Huntington Bank has now unfrozen Bergman's account but were currently giving him the run around up until then.

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