San Chez is opening its third restaurant, a casual seafood spot, downtown Grand Rapids soon!

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The new place, Beacon Corner Bar, is right next to San Chez Tapas Bistro on Fulton St. West.

For over a year now I've driven by and seen the "coming soon" signs and wondered when it would open. As with so many things, plans for the new restaurant were delayed by the pandemic - but now it sounds like we are getting close!

San Chez is now hiring bartenders and servers at Beacon Corner Bar.

Here's how the owners describe the new restaurant:

Beacon Corner Bar is a seafood restaurant serving coastal and land fare. The concept was inspired by spending summers off of Long Island in a clamming and fishing community. Serving seafood from the three coasts, East, West, and Michigan, Beacon Corner Bar will have new twists on traditional seafood classics, boils, and handhelds for our non-seafood eating friends.

San Chez Restaurants has been a part of the Grand Rapids dining scene since 1992.

ROAM by San Chez opened downtown GR in 2018:

Drawing influences from global street food and travels throughout the world, ROAM by San Chez transports you into another world surrounded by spices and regional decor.

I still need to get to ROAM! I will say though, the original San Chez is one of my favorite restaurants in Grand Rapids. I love to try a little bit of everything when I'm out to eat, and the tapas at San Chez are perfect for that, offering small bites of authentic European, Mediterranean, and Latin American cuisine.

Looking forward to Beacon Corner Bar opening soon! Stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates, and if you're interested in working there, you can apply here.

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