Tired of Uber surge charges that add to the cost of your ride? So is James Matthews. That's why he's debuting a new ride share app in Grand Rapids called SteadyFare. 

According to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, Matthews plans to test the new product in Grand Rapids starting Wednesday, June 1. The app will work the same as Uber, you open the app to request a ride, and a car will show up to take you to your destination.

The difference? You won't pay surge charges during peak hours like weekend nights and big holidays. Drivers for the new app will benefit by getting paid 8 to 10 percent more than Uber, and will be able to receive tips from customers. Matthews also says you'll be able to book trips ahead of time with SteadyFare. 

“If you need a trip to the airport, or even work, I wanted to make it easier than hoping there’s someone available,” he told the GRBJ.

The app hopes to be in ten cities within the next year, depending on how the test run goes in Grand Rapids.

Why is he testing the Grand Rapids market first? Matthews, who works for YAC Social, told the GRBJ, “Grand Rapids is a perfect test for Middle America, with a diverse clientele, low cost of living and early technology adopters. If Grand Rapids does well, it will provide a strong business model. From there it depends on competitors and how customers accept us.”

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