There is nothing like latching on to a king salmon in Lake Michigan. A young man bought a license and 24 hours later breaks a 43-year-old record.

Can you imagine, buying a fishing license, then going salmon fishing for your very first time, you then have to be woken up to have someone on a charter boat hand you a rod, then you catch the biggest salmon ever caught in Lake Michigan. That is insane but that is how it happened this past weekend.

According to WOOD, Luis Martinez was out on a charter fishing trip on Icebreaker Charters boat and reeled in a 47.86 pound King Salmon Saturday morning and now holds the Michigan state record for largest King ever caught.

Martinez said, "the first ten minutes were tiring, my arms were sore, I was ready to give up buy my mom was yelling 'Don't give up, keep reeling it in.' The fish started to jump out of the water, you could see it and they were like so excited because it was huge. I was like it's just a fish, there's nothing special about it, at least that's what I thought."

The 19-year-old fisherman caught this beast around 7:30 a.m. and it took about 30 minutes to reel him in.

The Lake Michigan basin coordinator with the Department of Natural Resources Jay Wesley certified the fish. To certify the fish Wesley drove all the way to Ludington from Kalamazoo to do so.

Wesley said, "they opened the top of the cooler and I think the words out of my mouth were 'oh my God, this thing is huge,' it didn't even fit in the cooler really. I couldn't have dreamed of a bigger fish and it was just in great shape."

This is definitely and once in a lifetime fish for sure. If you would like to get a look at the fish, click here for stills and some video.

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