No its not a form of new math but there appears to be a division in wearing a mask or not. Not sure how safety and politics are related.

I traveled for the first time out of state this past weekend and in most places I went on my little trip, I was the only one wearing a mask.

I stopped in the morning in Cedar Springs and there was a ton of up north traffic already piled in at the gas station. Lots of vehicles with campers and boats looking to make a long weekend up North.

When I got to the club that my band played at, I arrived early to not have to be around any people, set up my gear and while doing so, I noticed only the wait staff were wearing masks. Not to mention most of the customers were watching me wearing my mask and gloves while loading my gear in.

I left the club once I got my stuff ready and sat in my truck. While sitting there waiting for a sound check I didn't see a single person walk by with a mask on.

I performed with a mask on, although difficult, but I made it through the night. I also never walked into the club or the crowd. The stage load in door was right next to my guitar amp so I spent my breaks in my truck.

I did talk to a few friends while social distancing and most all of them gave me a little razzing for masking up but I told them all, I have co-workers I respect, I have a 7-year-old son and parents in their 70s, I don't want to be the guy who brings COVID-19 to any of them or anyone else so I take precautions.

After several conversations I kind of got the vibe that people are making decisions on health based on their political beliefs and not science.

I make my decisions based on scientists and doctors when it comes to my health and nothing else contributes, especially politics. Haven't politicians all lied to us for their own gain...absolutely. Scientists and doctors are in the business of saving lives and that is how they base their decisions.

A friend called me yesterday and she said she had to find a new salon, I thought, her's must have shut down. Nope, when she sat down, the salon told her you have to wear a mask or we can't serve you so she left. Well I asked her why didn't you wear a mask, you have to do that when entering businesses. Then here come the politics. So I asked her, are any of those politicians or news anchors you are getting your information from scientists or doctors and she said no. Then I said, why are you trusting them with your health? It got pretty quiet, then here come more politics and I said I have to go.

When you need your vehicle diagnosed for a problem, do you call a politician? No you call a mechanic. When your plumbing stops working in your house, do you call a politician? No you call a plumber. So when there is a health crisis so serious its a pandemic, do you call a politician if you are not feeling well? No you call a doctor.

Don't put your life and the lives of other in the hands of politicians, when it comes to your health and safety during a pandemic, it seems pretty elementary to look to scientists and doctors for the information you need to be safe. Scientists and doctors are not trying to get re-elected, they are just trying to keep you safe.

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