A set of laws recently passed by the Michigan House of Representatives would make it cheaper for Michigan gun owners to conceal their pistols while carrying.

The bills, co-sponsored by legislators Rep. Michele Hoitenga of Cadillac and Rep. Brad Paquette of Marquette are designed to reduce the amount citizens pay for CPL fees. Many gun lobbies have said that Michigan's fee structure is unnecessarily burdensome and creates a 'for profit' model for Concealed Pistol Licensing.

If eventually passed, the laws would have the following impact on gun owners who apply to conceal carry:

  • Reduce Concealed Pistol License fees by over 50%
  • Save CPL holders over $11 million annually
  • Reduce initial CPL and fingerprinting fees from $115 to $60
  • Reduce renewal CPL fees from $115 to $45

Tom Lambert the Legislative Director of Michigan Open Carry, Inc says that the state has been profiting off of gun owners unnecessarily. In written testimony to the committee, he said the following:

The data are overwhelming. Governmental entities, both at the state and local levels, enjoy a considerable profit off of the State’s licensing scheme on something both the State and U.S. Constitutions say is a fundamental right of the people. They do this while thousands suffer under draconian punishments for nothing more than failing to first jump through governmental hoops before trying to protect themselves. Most of these people are good people who intended no harm to anyone else and who will now find it much harder to be a productive member of society. Something needs to change.

HB 4030 & HB 4498 will now go to the Senate Government Operations Committee which is chaired by Senate Majority Leader Senator Mike Shirkey of Jackson. it is expected to move out of committee and to the Michigan Senate floor for a vote.

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