Public officials are warning citizens about a new drug called purple heroin that has caused overdoses in Michigan.

According to WZZM, there is a new kind of heroin that has hit the market that is a toxic mix of synthetic opioid fentanyl, acetaminophen, a new drug called brophine and other ingredients.

It is unusual for a drug to start in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and work its way downstate, but that is the case with the purple heroin.

Overdose cases began in the U.P. but now there is a reported case in south west Michigan who has died from the drug.

I am surprised there are new developments in heroin but I guess the scum of the earth will do anything to make a buck and disregard human life.

Brophine is a newer drug that came onto the scene in the United States in 2018 but was known to be in Michigan until May of 2020.

There is still a lot to learn about brophine since it is not an authorized drug but what is known is it is a synthetic opioid.

What is crazy about this drug is, it actually has no actual heroin found in it. Its a series of chemicals and is used the same way addicts use heroin.

So far brophine has claimed 7 lives in the United States with one of those coming from Van Buren County.

Brophine is not your bro, but a synthetic chemical cocktail that people need to be made aware of before it explodes and causes more harm to Michiganders and Americans.

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