Who didn't love dinosaurs as a kid? Since growing up, several more species of dinosaurs have discovered and now and brand new species has been found.

According to WOOD, scientists in Australia have confirmed the discovery of a new dinosaur species and turns out to be one of the largest found in the world.

When I was a kid the biggest dinosaur was a Brontosaurus which was a plant eating sauropod. At one point later in life some scientists were saying the Brontosaurus didn't exist, it was actually more related to the Apatosaurus.

None the less a new dinosaur was found over a decade ago by some cattle farmers who found the bones. Scientists say this plant eating dinosaur lived between 92 million and 96 million years ago.

The dinosaur is called Australotitan Cooperensis. This beast was as long as a basketball court and as tall as a two story building. I would hate to have to shovel up the piles this monster left behind.

This new species is the largest dinosaur ever found in Australia and its in the top five in the world. They call these top giants titanosaurs.

What is so wild is that it has taken 17 years for palaeontologist to dig up the bones, compare it to other dinosaurs to finally make a determination that this particular dinosaur was a new species.

Technology came into play because so many of the large dinosaur bones are stored in museums all across the globe so palaeontologist used 3-D scanners to make bone comparisons. This process took many years in order to complete.

Palaeontologist have found other dinosaurs on this particular cattle farm and from what they have found, they believe there is another predatory dinosaur out there that they have not found yet which could lead to a very exciting discovery.

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