So we’ve had a lot of advisories about our rivers having PFAS in them, so it’s only natural that if you’re a sportsman, you may want to head to the east side of the state to fish, except they’re not out of the danger either.

Saturday state health officials put out a “Do Not Eat” warning for all fish in the Huron River from Milford in Oakland County all the way to the county border of Livingston and Washtenaw, or any connected lakes including Kent Lake.

According to WILX, fish from the lake were tested and contained PFOS which stands for, perfluorooctane sulfonate.  It’s a part of what’s included when people say PFAS, which is basically all toxic chemicals from manufacturing that have found their way into our water systems.

Officials told WILX that swimming in the lake or touching the fish are alright and that it won’t make you sick.  The advisory only pertains to anyone wanting to eat any fish out of the Huron River or Kent Lake.

Michigan has allocated $23 million dollars to an emergency fund for addressing the PFAS contamination across the state, according to WILX.

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