There is a newbie at the John Ball Zoo, its fuzzy but not an animal.

According to WZZM, John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids has a new edition and that is the honey bee exhibit. The exhibit is set up so you can view what is going on with the bee's daily routine. Plus information on how you and I can help them in conservation.

Now where is this buzzing activity coming from you ask? You will find the bee hive located in the Natural Treasures building right near the exit. You can watch the bee's make a honeycomb, see the bee's store their honey and also raise the new bee's. There is information on how to spot the queen bee plus other facts to inform you on the honey bee's.

Bee populations have been going down all across the country and they are so essential to our Eco system. The zoo hopes to use this new exhibit to help grow the honey bee population in Grand Rapids but at the same time also encourage you to start your own hives in hopes of boosting the population.

Zoo hours are daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and found on Fulton Avenue just one mile west of downtown Grand Rapids. If you would like more information here is a link to their site.

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