A new hit animated movie on Netflix is about a family from Kentwood.

"The Mitchells Vs. The Machines" is about a family from Kentwood who embark on a road trip, only to have a robot apocalypse break out.

The animated film features the voices of Danny McBride ("Eastbound and Down", "The Righteous Gemstones") and Maya Rudolph ("Saturday Night Live", "Bridesmaids").

The family is shown as being kind of quirky, and the show makes it apparent that they hail from Kentwood. Which makes them badass, check it out:

The mother references the Kentwood Community Facebook page, and the family sets off on their road trip on US 131. The son also is paging through a phone book (which is weird, because who has phone books any more?) full of numbers with a 616 area code.

Early in the family's travels they stop at Redamack's, a well known New Buffalo burger joint. They also barf after eating there, so that's not shown as a good thing.

The film was produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("Cone High"), is directed by Michael Rianda ("Gravity Falls") and features music from Rihanna.

Reviews for the show are strong, and it has a sweet message -- that maybe the things that make us quirky and weird are also what make us great. I plan on checking it out this weekend. Here's the trailer, where you can see the 616 area code in the phone book:

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