I'm sure you've heard of the famous family feud, the Hatfield's and the McCoy's, well in Barry County its the Burdick's and the Burke's.

According to WOOD TV, a feud between to neighbors in Barry County escalated over the weekend when one of the men drove a bobcat into the other mans home.

The feud didn't just start overnight, the two neighbors have had problems for a long time, and last weekend the feud peaked to a new level.

Robert Burke said, "Since the day we moved in, we had quite a few problems with the neighbor. I was afraid it would escalate one time and it did."

Burke purchased a home six months ago, just north of Battle Creek and from day one had problems with his neighbor, Bryant Burdick. Like any feud, the Burdick family says the problem is the Burke family.

Burdick was advised by his attorney to not tell his side of the story but apparently his son, Shane Burdick, didn't get the memo.

Shane Burdick said the Burke family attacked his dad. "There's three or four of them, they were on top of him, hitting him, kicking him out in the street."

Shane said his father lost it. "He wasn't in his right state of mind, I couldn't talk to him. He acted like he didn't even know who I was."

Bryant Burdick allegedly took his Bobcat for a ride through Burke's fence and right into Burke's home. Burke said his home maybe irreparable because of the impact of the Bobcat.

Burke said, "It's kind of devastating, you know, never dealt with anything like this. It's wrong. Nobody should have to leave their home."

Shane Burdick's reasoning for why his father plowed into Burks house, There's only so much somebody can take."

Bryant Burdick is looking at several felonies.

The feud is still under investigation.


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