For sure, there are going to be a lot of "first time Turkey cookers" this year. COVID-19 has put a stop order in for big family and friend gatherings for Thanksgiving. So, best guess is that there will be many who need help cooking, right? And, who wants to ruin a delicious turkey. What's one to do?

Don’t stress – Butterball has you covered. Butterball has a turkey talk line -- 1-800-BUTTERBALL (288-8372).

BUTTERBALL FARMS, from right here in Grand Rapids, has for years now, become the place where you can get answers to all your turkey cooking questions.

Nicole Johnson, from Butterball, says, “I’m already seeing a lot of requests for smaller gatherings, which in turn leads to more first-time cooks. A lot of those first-time cooks that we’re seeing this year … they’re asking what size [turkey] should I purchase, and should I buy fresh or frozen.”

So, for all you "first timers," how do you know what size to buy? Two pounds per person is the recommendation and a lot of leftovers will come with that.

Another question Butterball says they are getting is about alternative way of cooking the old bird. Instead of in the oven, what about outdoors? The weather will be pleasant on Thursday, so, why not. Maybe on the grill, or deep frying, or, oil-less frying. That's what I do. I bought the CharBroil Big Easy. It's great, and, easy! It uses propane, and their TRU Infrared technology. This is not a commercial for CharBroil. I happen to love it and cooks the turkey perfectly. By the way, I do other meats in there, too, like prime rib, and chicken. The of course, my oven is free, so I can do all my other dishes and have a delicious Thanksgiving meal.


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