As to why Kelvin Horton is hoarding VHS copies of 'Shrek', I'm not sure that question can be answered. Here's an attempt...

The 24 year old Horton is a fan of the movie, no doubt, but how big of a fan do you need to be?

Horton told Forbes he is a fan of old technology like VCRs, stereos and and televisions. Together, he and his brother Kody, who both attended GVSU, have collected over 400 VHS tapes.

As for the Shrek obsession, of 170 tapes, Kelvin explained that it started with Shrek memes that proliferated around the internet back around 2012.

"I found it somewhat entertaining as most of the memes consisted of individuals pretending to have an unhealthy obsession with 'Shrek' and being devout to him in all senses of the word. I found this funny and absurd due to my own personal lack of enthusiasm for the film as an adult. I started collecting 'Shrek' because I love to make people laugh. I have always been someone who wants to bring joy to those around me. Absurd-ism and deadpan humor always brought me joy and brought joy to my friends."

Horton is constantly prowling thrift shops and yard sales to find more VHS copies of Shrek, but about 40 tapes in his collection have been given to him by fans who just want him to build his inventory.

All totaled, Horton has spent less than $80 on his hobby.

"I think that a collection of what many people would consider junk, but can still put a smile on 10 of thousands of faces, is anything but junk. Anything can be art, and anything can have value, even if it only cost $0.50 at Salvation Army," Horton told Forbes.

As for Dreamworks, the company that owns the Shrek name. No one from the company has reached out to Horton.

Now if I could only find those VHS tapes that were lost in our move back to 37 Ottawa, I would be as happy as Kelvin. But I fear they're gone forever.



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