Today is National Bike to Work day so watch out for all the extract bikes on the road while out driving to day. Bikers all across West Michigan and around the country are riding to work today.

According to Fox 17, Mayor Rosalynn Bliss of Grand Rapids made her way downtown this morning as she rode her bike to work.

Bliss rode to work with the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition. Bliss went on to say, "this is a way to celebrate bicycling as a clean and healthy way to get to work."

There are many who already ride bicycles to work and school in the Grand Rapids area but the whole point of National Bike To Work Day is to try and make it a habit when weather permits for a better environment and better health.

For those that are into statistics:

- Kids who ride a school bus inhale way more vehicle emissions that people who are outside the bus.

- People driving vehicles breath 60% more carbon monoxide than cyclists.

- And the obvious, riding your bike to school or work can improve your health


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