Like many of you, I devoted my Sunday to watching the Super Bowl...and other things too.

The game of football is always different on any given Sunday but fans usually want more offense than displayed during the New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Ram's in Super Bowl 53.

When many people where creating their favorite dish or dip, I was out driving around looking for potential houses to buy. Your thinking, what does this have to do with the Super Bowl...well while I was driving I was planning on what I wanted to eat and tried to time my drive for my pizza pick up order.

I timed my drive to get my pizza before the big rush after a stop at the store. I get home turned on the pre-game stuff but for some reason, I also turned on my computer. No I wasn't researching the players or commercials but actually starting doing some work...its like I had a premonition that the game was going to be low energy.

No, I'm not a psychic but I had a couple hours to kill trying to free up some time at work for another project not to mention a pile of laundry that had been calling my name.

I watched the game and it was a defensive clinic by both the Rams and the Patriots. Very surprising seeing how these were two teams are known for having two of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.

It was nice to here Shinedown's Get Up during the pregame show just before the Walter Payton Award segment.

I have never really cared too much about the Super Bowl commercials but I like to be entertained and oddly enough a commercial that stuck out to me was the Olay for killer skin.

Choloe x Halle, the two sisters that sang America the Beautiful during the pre-game may have been the most exciting moment for me during the entire event. The two girls sang so good, I actually clapped in my living room at the end of their performance...which was way better than the entire half-time show with Maroon 5.

Gladys Knight did an amazing performance of the National Anthem. Between these two vocal performances and a few slices of pizza, I'm starting to get fired up for the game.

I know most of like an offensive firestorm during the Super Bowl with multiple lead changes but I was amazed at both teams defense shutting each other down. With all the punting going on, I managed to get a lot of work done.

Normally I try to not miss a moment of the game but it just couldn't hold my attention which allowed me to get my laundry done, do some dishes and a couple days of work.

Don't get me wrong, I had the game on and I could hear and see it anywhere I was in the house but it was easy to turn my head away.

I'm not gonna rag too bad on Maroon 5 and the halftime show because it was a big production but it came from a band that just doesn't seem to excite the masses. I have never been to or watched a game where the person who runs music at the stadiums use a Maroon 5 song to pump up the crowd.

Although I know a couple of their songs since I play in a cover band, a few of the songs really lost me. It just seemed like it like way too much production for songs that really didn't fire up the masses.

Motley Crue was a big disappointment for me after alluding to something big coming to the commercials involving them, and yes it was a pretty cool Planters Peanut spot...and more exciting than the half time wasn't their movie trailer for "The Dirt"

There were some other ad's that managed to get me to laugh and not look at my computer a couple times that included: I laughed outloud to the Audi - man choking on a cashew spot. The Michelob Ultra Robot commercial was pretty funny also.  The Devour frozen food porn was one of my favs from the night.  There were a few Alexa commercials that ran but the Alexa fails were pretty top notch.

As far as the Big Game highlights, a Rams punter, Johnny Hekker set a Super Bowl record punt of 65 yards...but was that really a record after punting so much...he did kind of have an advantage over other previous punters with so much time on the field. Patriots receiver Julian Edleman was the only one on the field, minus both teams defenses, on offense who had a really great game catching 10 passes for 141 yards. The Patriots Gronkowski caught a couple key passes on the only real scoring drive of the whole game when running back Sony Micheal ran in for the only touchdown of the game.

This Super Bowl was definitely not as exciting as some of the ones in the past and definitely nowhere near as exciting as both of the last two conference championship games we watched a few weeks ago. But it allowed me to get a lot of house work and work work done, while still enjoying the contest and all the elements that make the event great. And believe it or not...we all witnessed something that may never happen again, a coach and a quarterback who went to 9 Super Bowls together...and last night winning their 6th together. We witnessed two G.O.A.T.S., Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, and not just one. Oh...and my laundry is done!

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