I had a great father and son moment this weekend when my seven-year-old son learned to shoot his bow for the very first time.

If you know anything at all about me, you know I love to bow hunt for whitetail deer. It is something I have enjoyed since I was a teenager. Even before that, I spent quite a bit of time archery target shooting as a kid.

I remember my dad teaching me how to shoot a bow, and this past weekend I was able to pass the torch onto my son.

I got my son a nice starter compound bow for a gift a while back and recently we had it set up so the draw length fit him and we had the poundage set up correctly to get him started.

We have an old barn at the farm that was used for milking cows years ago that I really had no use for but realized, hey, this could be turned into indoor target shooting to use with our bows.

When I put it together, I set it up knowing at some point my little guy would be shooting and in the early stages, well...arrows can go just about anywhere so that is how I set it up and good thing, because a few arrows when anywhere.

My son was nervous at first because up until that moment, he had only shot with some toy bows that are no where close to shooting a real bow. He has a bow that when set up correctly, it could harvest a deer. The bow is built to grow with him as he grows. We can turn up the poundage of the bow as well as adjust the draw length so he will use this bow up into his early teens before he will need to move to a bigger set up.

Once he shot off his first arrow to get the jitters out, he fired several arrows for hours. It was great to teach him every step while watching him improve a little each round of arrows.

He got to where he was able to hit the main target most of the time and I was able to see his confidence grow each round of arrows.

Something else that was pretty cool was my parents were in town for the weekend and they were able to see his first shots and the joy in his eyes like I did.

The little guy has plenty more to learn before he starts out shooting like his dear ol' dad, but that time will come sooner than later and is gonna be a fun journey along the way.

Well looks like I have a new shooting buddy and he and I will be in the barn this weekend slinging some more arrows in case anyone is looking for us.

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