The other day, I posted a question to everyone, asking where I should go to get some good Mexican food.  I've been craving it these last few weeks since leaving Texas, and I know I need to find some good spots.

You guys have been great, telling me where the good places are, both on the post and on Facebook, and today I decided to hit up Cinco de Mayo, since it's right around the corner from the station.

Rick, our digital guru and I walked the couple blocks and grabbed a table, ordered some drinks (not the fun adult kind, unfortunately) and checked out the place.  Rick got the Taco Salad (I guess he's watching his figure or something), and I dove right into the Enchiladas Verdes.

The food came out quickly, and is pretty good.  I'm not going to rate it, especially since it's the first I've had in town, so I don't where it stands on the scale around town.

Which restaurant should I hit up next?  Let me know on the Facebook page or the website post.

So then I came back to the office, only to have Jackie share some of her lunch tacos with me!  Check out the video of her nice lunch offering here.  I think the war is on.

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