My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way may be the unofficial king of the emos, but he's also evidently a fan of underground Tasmanian black metal, having expressed interest in a video posted by Striborg mastermind Sin Nanna (real name Russell Menzies) that shows the musician rave-dancing in light-up sneakers, discharging black metal howls over coldwave beats.

Striborg, a prolific, single-person entity from Maydena, Tasmania in Australia, was founded in 1997 with a focus on ambient, lo-fi black metal before later adopting a blackwave style — a coldwave-oriented sound that retained some of black metal's hallmarks. The band was also one of three artists to be featured in Noisey's One Man Metal documentary, the others being the United States-based Xasthur and Leviathan.

In a newly-uploaded video, shared to Striborg's Instagram page (seen below), Sin Nanna is seen dancing onstage in light-up sneakers, moving about as if he were Dave Gahan of new wave icons Depeche Mode. It was enough to catch the eye of Way, who is among Striborg's nearly 3,000 followers and "liked" the video.

It's the six degrees of heavy music separation we never anticipated, but again shatters the notion that fans of certain styles of music should just stay in their own lane and never entangle interests to maintain a strict sense of musical elitism.

In other words — listen to what you like and don't apologize for it. And if you want to snag some light-up shoes off eBay, bust a move and howl like an animal being eaten alive in a cave, go for it.

Whether or not these stage moves will yield influence over Way remains to be seen when My Chemical Romance finally embark on their reunion tour in 2022.

Striborg's Rave-Dancing Black Metal Gets Gerard Way's Approval

Gerard Way 'Likes' Striborg Instagram Post
Instagram: striborg666

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