If you are into sailing and sail boats, you are in for a treat with the Queen's Cup Regatta bringing the big finish to Muskegon.

The Queen's Cup has been a tradition for 82 years. Its a sailboat race that starts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and ends at different ports for the finish each year. It has been seven years since the race has ended in Muskegon, Michigan.

According to FOX 17, this year's Queen's Cup sail race will cross Lake Michigan from the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee and end at the Muskegon Yacht Club.

The Queen's Cup is not a race for the beginner because you cross Lake Michigan and you really need experience to tackle such a feat. Now if you have skills like Popeye the Sailor Man, then you should have no trouble making the trip, providing mother nature is cooperative.

The race will kick off on Friday, June 25 at 7 p.m. central time. Most of the race takes place at night so your navigator skills better be in tune. The race experts predict the race will end before dawn on Saturday morning, June 26. Wind plays a big factor is when the race will finish.

This history behind the Queen's Cup goes way back to 1853 when England sent the Queen's Cup trophy to the United States. This is truly one of the oldest trophies in the sail racing world and highly sought after by sailors from around the world.

The Muskegon Yacht Club has big plans to make the celebration special for the racers and the spectators. If you would like a list of events, click here.

FOX 17 reported that Muskegon Yacht Club Commodore Jay Wallace said, "racers come from all over the Great Lakes to participate in this event. We are interested in celebrating the wins, but we are also very interested in showing off Muskegon at this event. It has been a number of years since this race has finished here and our community has grown quite a bit. I think racers will be impressed with the City's progress. We also want the race to end here more often."

If you want more information on the event and would like to enter, here is the link.

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