Muskegon and the state of Michigan got some love Saturday night during the Weekend Update on SNL.

Michael Che welcomed "seventh-grade travel expert, Carrie Krum, played by Aidy Bryant, on to the Weekend Update. She was on to give some travel tips for getting to give some "warmer climates", although her first location was Lincoln Nebraska.

So then Michael said let's go to a beach somewhere warmer, which Carrie said

Well, you want fun in the sun, then head to Muskegon Michigan.

Then she went into a story about her "magical night" at her cousin's basketball game. She then started telling a story about her family in Florida.  The shout out is pretty quick, but Michigan got a lot of screen time, as she wore a t-shirt with "Michigan" written below what I think is a surfer, on the front.

With Pure Michigan no longer a thing, we appreciate all the plugs we can get, so big thanks SNL and Aidy!

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