Last week we heard the horrible story of Storm’s Ahead Kennels in Fruitport Township, catching fire and around 30 dogs dying in the fire. This all happened right as families were heading out of town for spring break.

Such a heartbreaking call to get as a pet owner, even more heartbreaking to be the kennel owners who not only lived on the property and witnessed the fire but also lost one of their own dogs as well.  Needless to say, quite a few families are heartbroken and need closure.

WOODTV reports there will be a funeral for all the dogs lost on April 12th at Clocks Funeral Home in Muskegon at 6:30 pm.

The owner of the Funeral home, Jody Clock told WOODTV that after learning of the fire, she reached out to help families with closure.  The service for the dogs as well as urns and burials have all been donated by Clock herself, other companies and a local veterinarian.

Clock told WOODTV why she felt compelled to reach out and help:

“We just wanted to do the right thing and help the owners of the kennels because they're devastated and then try to comfort the families. I can't imagine being a pet parent and getting that call. I certainly can't imagine being the owner at Storm’s Ahead and having to have that conversation.”

The service on April 12th is open to everyone and pets on leashes.  WOODTV says there will also be an artist on site doing pet portraits.


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