It's that time of year - the annual Men's USA Mullet Contest. This awesome contest originated in Genesee County and has since grown nationwide. Mullet Champ USA has even created a kids mullet division, a women's category called 'Femullet', and a a 55 years of age and up contest called 'Legend's.

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All of this amazing mulletness is the brainchild of Bridge Street Exchange owner and Fenton resident, Kevin Begola. This year the contest will require a $10 entry fee, however that money will benefit the grand prize winner and an awesome charity. $5 of the entry fee goes toward the cash prize, and the other $5 will benefit Stop Soldier Suicide. Of course the more entries received, the bigger the prize money and donation to charity. It's a total win win.

Here are the Men's USA Mullet Contest details,

  • Contestants mus be 18 years of age and up.
  • No wigs or extensions are allowed. Your mullet must be legit.
  • Entries for this contest will end on July 18th. Online fan voting will begin shortly thereafter.
  • Your entry must include a photo of your mullet (duh).
  • First place winner will win the Mega Mullet Money Pot, $2500 minimum.
  • Second and third place winners score Mullet Champs gift sets from Pit Viper Sunglasses and Manscaped.

Enter the Men's USA Mullet Contest here. If you have a mullet, enter today. If you have long enough hair that could be cut into a mullet, cut it today and enter tomorrow. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing, plus mullets are the coolest and toughest hairstyle there is.

Let me know if you enter, I would love to do a follow up story on any local men in the running to win the title of top mullet in the USA.

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