Just like the rivalry on the field for the University of Michigan and the Michigan State Spartans, there is a rivalry off the field and on the each of the campuses.

According to WZZM, the University of Michigan has a legendary landmark called the Diag. The Diag features an M on a bronze block that has been spray painted with green paint to spell out MSU. The vandalism occurred a week a head of this Saturday's game between the two universities.

This is not the first time the vandalism has taken place on the University of Michigan campus "M" on the Diag. This is part of a long tradition that happens leading up to the football game between the Spartans and the Wolverines. On the other Michigan has yet to tag the Sparty statue located on the Michigan State Spartans campus. But there is still time, the weeks not over yet.

Normally U of M students usually gather and take turns guarding the Diag but apparently this year, they were not quick enough.

The Spartans did some excessive celebrating after the Top-10 win over Penn State last weekend but burning couches and mattresses in Cedar Village.

MSU police have not commented on their plans to limit celebrations for this weekends game in case of an MSU victory.

The Wolverines will join the Spartans on the field in East Lansing this Saturday at noon.



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