Two of the trainers that worked with Larry Nassar at Michigan State University say they never heard any of the athletes complain about the doctor making them feel uncomfortable.

According to WOOD TV, Lianna Hadden and Destiny Teachnor-Hauk are still employed and MSU but are accused of enabling Nassar's abuse.

MSU detective Andrea Munford reported that Teachnor-Hauk said, "she has never had an athlete tell her that Nassar made them uncomfortable."

Teachnor-Hauk went on to say, "she would usually be with Nassar when he was treating a patient and takes notes in their computer system and is not aware of anyone at MSU that uses intravaginal treatment."

Investigators have an issue with that statement because how could the assistants not now know of the abuse when Nassar repeatedly justified his actions over the years by saying sensitive treatments were medically necessary for certain injuries.

Hadden's statement is similar to Teachnor-Hauk in her saying, "never say anthing that (she) would consider inappropriate." Hadden also said athlete's would call Nassar "the witch doctor because his techniques worked so well and was not aware he was using internal techniques."

A Police report said that Hadden stated she never received complaints about Nassar.






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