If you planned on ordering some Michigan State University gear, you may want to hold off - their online store has been hacked.

Hackers are a big pain to every company and individual on the planet. You would think a person with that much skill on a computer could find a very lucrative job and wouldn't have to steal from others to make a living but I guess some are always looking for a shortcut.

A year and a half ago our company here was hacked and it took a couple of months to get things back to normal but even after that, there were new policies put in place and limits put on everyone on what files and access they have in our company. So we are still feeling the presence of a hacker long after the incident.

Many hackers hold companies files as ransom and some of the sickest individuals will even hack a hospital which threatens not only patients' personal information but in some cases, could cost them their lives.

Hackers never seem to let up and this time they struck Michigan State University's online store.

According to WOOD, hackers gained access to customer credit card numbers and other personal information.

If you have ever purchased anything from the MSU online store, you may want to change your username and passwords on the card you used. The hack took place between October 19, 2019 and June 26, 2020.

The university has been notifying customers that may have been affected by the breach. The school's IT security has since rectified the security issue.

Now that everything pretty much involves computers, hacking will always be a part of all of our lives. Perhaps much stiffer penalties should be put in place to deter these cyber thieves.

MSU Interim Chief Information Security Officer Daniel Ayala said, "we are deeply sorry and understand the concern of those affected. We are working around the clock to make it right."

At least 2,600 shoppers' personal information was stolen by the hackers.

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