It was back in July that the news of an impending return from everyone’s favorite B-movie mockery program Mystery Science Theater 3000 first broke. Fans of Manos: The Hands of Fate and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians were atwitter with excitement for a revival of the long-running program last seen in 1999, breathlessly speculating on which schlock gems would get roasted this time around. And while the fodder for the upcoming 11th season has yet to be named, Netflix has finally announced a release date and included a new press photo of the whole wisecracking robotic gang.

As the tweet above states, April 14 will be the big day that MST3K makes its triumphant return, and judging from the photo, they’ll return with favorites old and new in tow. Creator Joel Hodgson officially left the mantle of lead human to Nerdist podcast host Jonah Ray, who looks pleased as punch to have donned the yellow uniform. He’s flanked by nerd-beloved actress Felicia Day (far left) and the equally nerd-beloved Patton Oswalt (far right) as the vengeful Kinga and her henchman, TV’s Son of TV’s Frank, respectively. And of course, no MST3K revival would be complete without an appearance from smart-mouthed automaton Crow T. Robot, voiced now by comedian Hampton Yount, along with bionic companions Tom Servo and Gypsy.

MST3K is the cult TV show of cult TV shows, but there’ll be no shortage of fans elated to see it approaching a return in two short months. Time to dust off our favorite inside jokes, and find someone else who breaks into a grin at the mention of Big McLargehuge.

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