Though it’s been around for some time now, MoviePass is still a bit of an enigma, mainly because nobody really knows what’s going on with the company. It’s losing millions of dollars buying tickets for moviegoers essentially for free while seemingly playing some long game in the hopes that it’ll all pay off soon, and the company has lately been experimenting with different types of plans. Right now, it’s temporarily offering a plan for four movies a month at the same price as its regular subscription ($9.95) bundled with an iHeartRadio All Access subscription, but will it ever go back to the one movie a day option?

When The Hollywood Reporter asked CEO Mitch Lowe if the company would ever offer its original subscription plan to new subscribers again, he simply said, “I don’t know.”

We just always try different things. Every time we try a new promotion, we never put a deadline on it.

The company hasn’t offered its one movie per day option since April 13. When /Film asked the company for clarification, a publicist told them:

I can tell you that The Hollywood Reporter story is accurate. We’re continually testing various promotions with different partners, and the current iHeartRadio deal is consistent with that approach.

MoviePass has often done bundled subscriptions like the one it’s offering now, I suppose because those companies will pay MoviePass a bit to have them included in the next wave of offerings. But it’s weird — and unfortunate for any new subscribers — that they’re not sure if they’ll ever go back to their normal plan. Granted, I doubt anyone watches 30 movies in one month, and a lot of the money MoviePass does make comes from those subscribers who don’t use it as often as they could. It’s weird though that they feel they can’t offer that option again.

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