The saying "you get what you pay for" seems to apply here.

There are bargains to be found in the "free stuff" section of Craigslist in Grand Rapids. There is also junk to be found. It's up to you to decide which is which, although sometimes the answer to that can be pretty obvious.

Here are some of the unique, free items you can currently find on Craigslist in Grand Rapids.

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    Want a new pet? Consider this rooster which is less than a year old and "a really neat silvery color."

    What's that? You don't need a rooster? Well, looks like you've got something in common with the owner who says, "we just don't need a rooster." Ditto.

    greenmountainboy, ThinkStock
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    'Antique' Phone Books

    This is some fine marketing.

    Just add the word "antique" to anything old that you're trying to get rid of and someone might think it's worth something.

    One could make a solid argument that 2017 phone books are also antiques.

  • 3

    Treadmill Box

    Want a free treadmill?

    There are many available on Craigslist, but this seller has something they don't...a treadmill box. No treadmill, just the box.

    Get a free treadmill from someone else then this box will give you a place to put it when you stop using it in about three weeks.

    Also, having a treadmill box around is a solid way to convince your friends and family that you used to exercise.

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    '12ish' Jugs of Oil

    If this used oil is exactly what you're looking for be prepared to grab the jugs quickly and get out. It's obvious this seller is very busy.

    The seller says, "you must take all the jugs maybe 12'ish of them."

    That's right. 12'ish jugs of oil. Because who has time to count them? It's not like you could count them all by looking at the photo for two seconds.

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    This one isn't funny, it's just a sad scene that many across West Michigan and beyond have experienced over the past week.

    There are plenty of opportunities for free firewood on Craigslist. If free firewood is something that you're looking for, consider getting it here to help someone out.