Some Michigan lawmakers say Moose hunting could become a reality on Isle Royale National Park.

According to WOOD, House Natural Resources Committee recently heard testimony regarding a limited number of moose permits to hunt on the Lake Superior island. A vote is planned for the upcoming meeting with the committee.

Isle Royale has planted Wolves on the island to curb the moose population but the wolf population has been struggling and just not doing the job.

Representative Steven Johnson said, "you can continue to establish that wolf pack, buy why not do a moose hunt in the meantime to help cull the herd down to help manage that population, so you don't destroy the vegetation on the island."

You can only access the island by boat or seaplane but any hunting would have to be approved by the National Park Service. The idea has already been turned down in 2018.

A Michigan Tech University researcher Sarah Hot said, "It's likely that the survival in moose is lower this year, just because of that hard winter they experienced. I'm expecting growth of the population has slowed."

If there will be a moose hunt approved, you can count me in on applying for a tag.

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