Almost everyday we hear of a shooting and today's shooting went down in Montcalm County and a couple is now in custody.

According to WZZM, authorities who were investigation and shooting in Belvidere Township have arrested Andrea and Craig Lake Friday in the early morning hours just before 3 a.m.

The couple are now looking to be charged in the shooting of a 61-year-old man located near Townline Lake late Thursday evening.

Apparently, the shooting victim was shot in the head but did not die. The lead investigator has not given an update on the victim but did say the man was able to speak to investigators to provide information on what had happened.

From what the Michigan State Police have reported on the case, some sort of fight broke out between the Lake couple and the victim where several shots were fired before the couple had left the home.

The police arrived at the home and found the 61-year-old man with a gun shot to the head. The man had to be air lifted to a Grand Rapids hospital.

No word on the mans current condition.

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