Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the anniversary of multiple tornados in the area, a new money scam happening right here in Grand Rapids, and the Loser Home Run Derby happening next week with the Whitecaps.

Three years ago, multiple tornados touched down and scared the hell out of people in the area. The guys remember where they were, and what was going on that day.

Then, they check up on a story from WZZM about a scammer here in Grand Rapids, who claims to work at the airport, and wants info from you to help claim a trunk full of money. Do people still fall for this stuff? Give me lots of money, and I'll give you even more, complete stranger.

Then, the guys talk about next week's Loser Home Run Derby, where some winners will get to bat at 5/3 Ballpark with the guys, and try to not suck. Good luck with all that.

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