Supermoon number 2 will happen Monday night and it will be the brightest of all the supermoons this year.

According to WOOD, the first supermoon of 2019 also had a lunar eclipse that happened on January 21. The next bright supermoon will happen December of 2026.

What exactly is a supermoon? Its when the moon is closest to earth in its full phase and has a 90% perigee.

Throughout the year there are times where the moon and earth are closer to one another and further away. On average, the moon is 238,900 miles from earth. The supermoon comes into play when the earth and moon 224,775 miles or closer during the full moon phase.

This particular supermoon has its perigee at 100% at 221,681 miles from earth.

Sorry for all the math but Monday nights moon will appear 14% longer and 30% brighter and with all the will seem even brighter. So I guess I won't need my phone to light my door knob to unlock the door tonight.

You shouldn't have any trouble viewing the supermoon tonight.

If you are going to head out tonight to view the supermoon, you may want to throw on a layer of clothes since it will be close to zero tonight.

The next supermoon will be March 21 just after the vernal equinox.


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