Are you missing a small white dog that has a Kent County Dog License? If so, it may have been found in Ohio. The dog may have been missing for quite some time.

According to the The Dogs at the Stark County Dog Warden Facebook page, a small, white dog was found on Friday wandering around a park in Ohio...

The dog was found in Perry, OH by Perry Park. The person who found the dog took him to the Stark County dog warden. The dog was cold and hungry, but is not safe. The older male dog has a Kent County License tag. He is not neutered. They are working to locate the owners.

The tags go back to 2013. The Dog Warden was able to get some information off the rabies tag, but with information being 8-9 years old it may not be correct.

Here is the original Facebook post from the woman who found the dog...

If you know anyone who might be missing a dog like this, be sure to share this information.

Perry, OH is located about halfway between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA. That's about 330 miles from Grand Rapids. That's quite the journey for a little guy like this.

Let's help this little guy find his way back home to Kent County. Who knows how long he may have been missing if his tags go back to 2013. If only dogs could talk...he could tell us where he lived and the story behind his over 300 mile journey to Ohio.


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