A missing Kalamazoo area woman may have last been seen with the Jared Chance, the man accused in the dismembering case.

According to WOOD, the family of Ashley Young, who has been missing since November 28 say she was last thought to be seen with Jared Chase. Police are not saying the two are related but the family think there is a connection since the two are friends on Facebook.

The last time Young was seen was at Eastown Hookah Lounge on Wealthy Street around 11 p.m. The owner of Eastown Hookah, Emad Shatara, told WOOD-TV8 that he saw her but didn't recognize the man she was with and couldn't positively identify him as Chance.

Shatara said she left the lounge around 11:45 p.m. She was last seen nearby at Mulligan's Pub.

There was some surveillance video police are looking over from the Pita House that is located down the street from Mulligan's that shows two couples walking by just after 1:30 but the video is grainy and it's not clear if either are Young and Chance.

Just two days after a neighbor who lives downstairs from Chance found part of a body in the basement. Police found more body parts just outside Chance's apartment in a stairway.

Court records say police had found blood in Chance's apartment and articles that might have been used to dismember a human body.

A lab is currently working on DNA tests to identify the body.

29-year-old Chance is in jail on three quarters of a million dollar bond. Chance has been charged with mutilation of a dead body and concealing the death of a person. He has yet to be charged with murder pending investigation.


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