A couple of bow hunters hear a cry for help and get into action to help save a missing woman.

I have been hunting in the woods many times and have heard a lot of things, even some of them strange, but never ever a cry for help.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 25-year-old Brett Postema and his father 50-year-old Michael Postema answered the cry for help.

A 35-year-old woman had been hiking in an area of Muskegon County when she fell down a hill and got turned around and was unable to find her way back out of the woods. She spent two cold nights in the woods plus there was some rain so this had to be a very uncomfortable and scary time for the woman.

Brett Postema was heading to his hunting spot located in the Muskegon State Game Area when he heard a faint cry for help. Postema then called his hunting buddy then they decided to drive to Postema's house to tell his dad after calling 911.

The men returned to help find the woman since they had real good knowledge of the area. They men joined in the search with Miskovich and it wasn't long before they found the missing woman.

Miskovich said, "I'm happy she was rescued before the situation became worse. Thank you, Michael and Brett Postema, you went above and beyond to help. Your instincts and knowledge of the area helped save a woman's life."

The men found the woman after about 10 minutes of shouting near their hunting stands by a swamp. They found her with an injured ankle at the base of a tree in a marsh. She also had signs of hypothermia.

The conservation office and Michael carried the woman out of the marsh. Emergency responders were there to take over and haul the woman out to safety using an emergency all terrain vehicle where she was then taken to the hospital.

Good thing these two men from Ravenna called 911 a second time, then went out to use their knowledge of the area to help find the missing woman, this story would have had a different ending.

Nice job Michael and Brett Postema!

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