Ministry extract war imagery from The Stooges' classic "Search and Destroy" with their new cover of the tune. The Al Jourgensen-led industrial metal pioneers released it on Friday (Aug. 20) as the latest single from Moral Hygiene, the 15th Ministry album out Oct. 1.

Joining Jourgensen on the track is guitarist Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, Royal Machines), who worked with the Ministry bandleader to nail the electronic-tinged rock rendition after they first hatched the idea at a Stooges-focused Above Ground benefit concert in 2019. Morrison also appears elsewhere on Moral Hygiene.

Listen to the cover toward the bottom of this post.

Jourgensen recalled, "We rehearsed it and the song was perfect but the show was running late and by the time we got on stage, I was in half time and singing the lyrics twice as slow. Fortunately Billy and Dave Navarro are professionals and they realized what was going on and sort of covered for me but I felt horrible."

He added, "Billy thought it actually sounded really good in half-time so he came to me with the idea of going into the studio and recording it that way. And I figured I owed him one.”

A music video accompanying the cover song was filmed in a Los Angeles airplane junkyard, where Jourgensen "learned how to operate an antiquated war weapon and wore an arsenal of heavy artillery to get into character," according to a press release. The video was directed by Dean Karr, who's also worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie and many others.

"It was the smoothest shoot I've ever done and one of the memories I'll take to my grave," Jourgensen said.

Ministry hit the road with Helmet and Front Line Assembly this fall.

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Ministry, "Search and Destroy" (The Stooges Cover) Music Video

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