Over the summer, the world lost one of its greatest drumming talents, Slipknot co-founder Joey Jordison. His contributions to heavy music are immeasurable and he lent his skills to numerous acts, including industrial legends Ministry, with whom he toured in 2006. In Loudwire's recent interview with Al Jourgensen, the Ministry mastermind lamented the drummer's death and called his soul "golden."

While most of our conversation with Jourgensen was centered around Ministry's new album, Moral Hygiene, and the recent socio-political events that inspired it, Jourgensen welcomed the opportunity to remember the late Jordison and reflect on not only his skills as a drummer, but his endearing qualities as a friend as well.

"I believe it was 1999 when Slipknot had just started and they opened for Ministry in Oklahoma and I met him and Corey Taylor and all of them on the bus. I was like, "Slip-who? Whatever, great! I'm happy for you," said Jourgensen of the first time he met Jordison.

"Down the road a couple years later, they're huge," he marveled, crediting Slipknot's rapid rise to superstardom.

As to how Jordison came to join the ranks of Ministry for touring duties in 2006, Jourgensen offered, "When I started getting my feet back on the ground after I quit hard drugs, we found ourselves needing a drummer. The first time I heard him play was in a rehearsal doing Ministry stuff and my jaw dropped, [laughs] 'Okay, I think you're hired!'"

"We spent a good two to three years working very closely. He was just a sweetheart of a kid," Jourgensen continued. "The thing that struck me about him most was his desire to please, which was almost like, 'That's going to get you in trouble, Joey.'"

"He just wanted so badly to make everyone happy and that shouldn't have to be a bad thing. But a lot of people took advantage of that and it's a sad situation because he was a true salt of the earth kid with a heart bigger than his body," said the industrial icon.

Jourgensen again praised Jordison's talent and spirit, putting his musical and warmest personal qualities on an even plane.

"What I saw was just spectacular talent, a wonderful heart and a good soul. I'm sure he's in a better place now than he was on this planet. Sometimes it just doesn't work out on this planet," he reasoned.

What Jourgensen detailed next made it apparent just how devastating it was to lose Jordison, with whom he felt a close kinship. One that mirrored his relationship with another fallen Ministry musician, longtime guitarist Mike Scaccia, who died in 2012.

"[Jordison's death] was the first time I've cried since Mike Scaccia died," Jourgensen confessed. "Mikey was like my little brother and then I guess Joey would have been like my favorite nephew," added the frontman, who is often referred to as 'Uncle Al' by Ministry fans.

"I shed some tears that week," he went on and, concluding his thoughts on Jordison, reaffirmed, "As far as a soul, his soul was golden."

Joey Jordison died at age 46 on July 26. He was remembered fondly by countless peers who shared their own tributes and memories to the metal legend and Slipknot later released a tribute video and statement in honor of their late bandmate.

Rest in peace, Joey.

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