Does it surprise anyone that Miley Cyrus donned pot leaf pasties and kissed a new female friend while at Wayne Coyne's holiday party?

According to Us Weekly, the outlandish pop star attended the Flaming Lips singer's art gallery party at the Womb in Oklahoma over the weekend, rocking a festive green elf costume while getting cozy with the guests -- including a woman named Jaci, who locked lips with the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

"She's a ton of fun and super down to earth. It was really comfortable being around her,” Jaci told Us about her interaction with Miley. “[It was] definitely (my idea to kiss Miley). You can’t meet Miley and resist the urge to kiss her."

Jaci and Miley posed for another snap at the party, this time exposing a little more skin (and Miley's pot pasties):

“I had ‘Free the Nipple’ on my chest and Miley said, ‘My boobs are out,’ so that’s [how that picture] happened," Jaci told the mag about the second photo.

Source: PopCrush