During the holidays gaming consoles are a top priority for a lot of shoppers, but are you willing to pay this much for a gaming console?

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Typically an Xbox Series X costs anywhere between $750 to $1000. A PlayStation 5 can cost you $650 to $1050. Each of these consoles only comes with one controller. Still, that is a lot of money for each of these systems.

Well if you think the prices above are steep, get a load of the new Gucci-themed Xbox Series X, it's going for a whopping $10,000. I should say it was going for $10,000 because these super high-end consoles have already sold out.

Granted the Xbox X Gucci Series are very nice. The console itself comes with a laser-cut monogram of the letter GG, the initials of Gucci's founder. You get a sweet Gucci hard case for carrying the console, two controllers, and a lifetime subscription to Xbox's Game Pass Unlimited. The last item costs $15 a month, so just think, it will pay for itself in 55 years.

Only 100 of these super high-end consoles have been made and unfortunately, if you wanted one, they have all been shipped to their new owners. But if you feel you just have to have one anyway, I looked up some prices for second-hand models.

There are some who are trying to cash in on the Gucci Xbox with prices ranging from $13,500 to $36,000. That is insane for a gaming system.

If you are totally loaded and money is not an issue, you won't find a nicer gaming console on the market with this much design but you may want to consider insuring a console this elegant if you are able to get your hands on one.

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