A survey by the web site WalletHub finds that our state ranks low on the fun factor, finishing 38th out of fifty states.

As if 3288 miles of shoreline makes us boring. 

And where is all the fun happening that we're missing out on? North Dakota! Oh sure, a winter night is Bismarck is a laugh riot.

The survey took things like number of attractions, beach quality and skiing facilities into account among its factors for fun. Which makes me wonder why we didn't score higher as our beaches are above average for quality and while we don't have mountains, our skiing ain't bad.

So where did we go wrong?

One area where we lack, according to the survey, is performing arts theaters per capita, where we were a staggering 46th out of 50.

Michigan ranked 37th in 'Entertainment and Recreation' and 33rd in 'Nightlife'. I think someone needed to take the judges up north for a boat ride to troll for salmon, and then out for a Farmhouse Ale and some poutine at Brewery Vivant. Good Lord, is the Corn Palace in South Dakota THAT impressive?

In case you were wondering, the most fun state is . . . Nevada.  I guess that's pretty predictable, what with Vegas and all.  But there are definitely some surprises filling out the rest of the top 10.  Check 'em out . . .

2. South Dakota.. What? Google 'fun in South Dakota' and the only things that come up are the aforementioned Corn Palace and a bunch of stuff carved in rock.

3. Colorado... Rocky Mountain High. Literally. I get it.

4. North Dakota...Nothing says fun more then the Scandanavian Heritage Park, where you can eat lutefisk and dance the...uh, er...I'm not really sure what dance is popular for Scandanavians. Do you?

5. New York...Sure, the Big Apple, and a high crime rate. Have you been to Utica lately? It's like Saginaw on downers.

6. Wyoming...I stopped at a rest area near Cheyenne once and the waitress was dressed as a bunny. Now that's fun. And weird.

7. Oregon...Portland and flannel and beards, oh my!

8. Louisiana...Outside of New Orleans, what do you have? Humidity and smelly Cajuns.

9. Montana...Nothing says fun more than mountains and isolated loneliness...

10. Hawaii...Okay, this one belongs...

Do any of these states have a Critter Barn? No, they do NOT!

And the 10 least fun states are:  Mississippi . . . West Virginia . . . Alabama . . . Kentucky . . . Arkansas . . . Indiana . . . Virginia . . . Kansas . . . New Jersey . . . and Tennessee. 

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